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Making Ageless Architecture

About Arkitek MAA

Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd, a renowned architectural firm with a rich history dating back to 1965, has garnered a reputation for excellence and innovation in the field. Originally known as Malaysian Associate Architects (MAA), our firm was initially focused on architectural works in Kuala Lumpur, successfully completing large-scale housing, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.


Over the years, we have expanded our reach beyond Kuala Lumpur, established the presence in Penang, Johor, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, and China. Our portfolio now includes a diverse range of developments such as retail spaces, malls, universities, hotels, hospitals, airports, apartments, and commercial offices. This expansion has allowed us to bring our expertise and creative solutions to clients across different regions and industries.


At Arkitek MAA, we take pride in our long-standing history and the many accolades we have received over the years. Our success is rooted in the depth of our professional talent, which enables us to tackle projects of any size and complexity. We believe that every project deserves our utmost attention and commitment, resulting in exceptional outcomes that exceed client expectations.

Today's architectural design challenges demand the integration of various service capabilities, including highly specialised sciences and technologies. Our comprehensive structure enable to seamlessly bring together different disciplines and collaborate with other consultants under one roof. This approach ensures that our clients benefit from a cohesive and comprehensive resource of skills, enabling us to program and analyse the most suitable set of alternatives for their unique requirements.


Arkitek MAA is dedicated to delivering exceptional architectural solutions. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you, understanding your vision and translating it into a reality that surpasses your expectations. We believe in the power of personal attention and individual commitment, ensuring that every project receives the care and expertise it deserves.


Whether the client is embarking on a large-scale commercial project or a unique residential development, Arkitek MAA will bring client's vision to life. With Arkitek MAA's proven record of accomplishments, versatility, and dedication to excellence, we are ready to take on the challenges of any architectural endeavour to transform ideas into architectural masterpiece.

A focus on design excellence is the core of Arkitek MAA's philosophy. We believe that close collaboration with clients and interdisciplinary specialists is key to delivering the high-quality, award-winning work that we are known for.

Arkitek MAA is proud of its track record of creating economically viable projects within time and budget constraints that satisfy clients' needs and complement the environment.

Architectural services at Arkitek MAA begin with the analysis of client's needs and objectives, and result in the creation of a project that meets the intended functional, economic, and aesthetic requirements.


Arkitek MAA architectural team develops design concepts, translates them into detailed working drawings and specifications, assists the client in obtaining and negotiating bids and administers the construction contract to ensure the fulfilment of quality, time and cost criteria.

Green and Sustainability


Arkitek MAA's Sustainable architecture focuses on green design development using passive design elements with minimum impact to the environment.

We take the challenges with passion to produce innovative designs solutions using available technologies to ensure the design will not give excessive impacts to the ecosystem and the communities.

Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd's planning experience ranges from complex urban developments to the master planning of entirely new communities.


Arkitek MAA's Planning service includes phasing, the consideration of Infrastructure, traffic and parking studies, access, terrain and government requirements.

Arkitek MAA utilises Architecture BIM in creating building information models from sketches and 2D drawings. BIM is also used in our design analysis and clash detection.


Arkitek MAA uses BIM in working with our clients through the design process from schematic  design to contract documentation with conceptual and complete BIM model based on project requirements.


Arkitek MAA's BIM capability is able to fulfil project's contractual requirements with customised solutions for all kind of projects up to LOD400.


Qujiang Business Centre


Arkitek MAA, KL Sentral

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Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd



Arkitek MAA Sdn Bhd

Penthouse 3A-21,

Level 21 Tower 3A, Plaza Sentral,

Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,

50470 Kuala Lumpur,


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