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Affin Bank Sustainability Design

Affin Bank TRX Main Lobby

Arkitek MAA Green and Sustainability Policy


Arkitek MAA’s green and sustainability policy is based on seven key elements:


Commitment to Sustainable Design

Arkitek MAA is committed to integrating sustainable design principles into all projects. This involves prioritising energy efficiency, utilising renewable materials, optimising natural lighting and ventilation, and considering the life cycle impacts of buildings and built environment.


Environmental Stewardship

Arkitek MAA advocates strategies to minimise our firm's environmental footprint. This include reducing energy consumption within the office, implementing recycling and waste management practices. We made a right decision establishing our office in KL Sentral multimodal transportation hub which encourages our staff to use public rail services and adopt sustainable commuting options.


Resources Efficiency

Arkitek MAA emphasises resource efficiency in our projects. This involves optimising the use of materials, minimising construction waste using accurate building information modelling technology, promoting water efficiency, and integrating strategies for energy-efficient cooling, ventilation and lighting systems.

Affin Bank Roof Garden Rain Water Harvesting System

Affin Bank TRX Roof Garden Rain Water Harvesting

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Arkitek MAA addresses climate change through design resiliency in our design approach to mitigate and adapt the changing environment. This includes designing projects to withstand the impacts of climate change, incorporating renewable energy systems, and utilising sustainable building materials with low embodied carbon.


Social Responsibility

Arkitek MAA’s commitment to social responsibility, encompassing aspects such as community engagement, promoting diversity and inclusion, and considering the social impact of our projects on local communities. This involves prioritising affordable housing, designing inclusive public spaces, and engaging with stakeholders throughout the design process. We put people first in our design.


Professional Development and Research

Arkitek MAA stay up-to-date with the latest sustainability practices and technologies through continuous training, learning and research. We provide training and educational opportunities for staff, conducting research on sustainable design strategies, and participating in industry-wide initiatives to advance sustainability.


Collaboration and Advocacy

Arkitek MAA also collaborate with other industry stakeholders and advocate for sustainable design principles. This involves partnering with sustainability consultants, participating in green building councils, GBI certification programmes, and engaging with policymakers to influence sustainable building regulations and standards. We are also proud that our partner Ar. Von Kok Leong was elected as the first President of Malaysia Green Building Council.

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