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MyTown and Ikea Jalan Chochrane Master Plan

MyTown and Ikea Jalan Chochrane Master Plan

Arkitek MAA Planning Services

Arkitek MAA offers a comprehensive range of planning services, covering various aspects crucial for successful and sustainable developments. The following planning services collectively cover a holistic approach by Arkitek MAA, where various factors such as social stability, environmental sustainability, and regulatory considerations are taken into account. This approach is essential for creating well-designed, functional, and sustainable urban developments and new communities.


Urban Design

Urban design service focuses on shaping the physical layout and organisation of urban areas which encompasses the arrangement and design of buildings, public spaces, transportation systems, and other elements to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.


Social Planning

Arkitek MAA's social planning involves considering the social aspects of a development which includes community engagement, understanding local demographics, and ensuring that the development meets the social needs of the community.


Development Phasing

Development phasing involves dividing a project into distinct phases or stages to facilitate effective planning, management, and implementation. It helps in managing resources efficiently and ensuring economic viability through a systematic development process.

Mutiara Damansara Township

Mutiara Damansara Township

Infrastructure Planning

Arkitek MAA's infrastructure planning involves the systematic development of essential facilities and services, such as road network, drainage system, water supply, sewage systems, electricity, and telecommunications. Proper infrastructure planning is vital for the functionality and sustainability of a development.


Traffic and Parking Studies

Arkitek MAA’s traffic and parking studies are conducted to analyse and plan for transportation needs within a development. This includes studying traffic patterns, designing road networks, and ensuring sufficient parking spaces.


Access Planning

Arkitek MAA's access planning focuses on designing entry and exit points for developments, ensuring value enhancement of development plot with efficient connectivity to surrounding areas and minimising congestion.


Terrain Considerations

Terrain studies and consideration involve understanding and working with the natural features of the landscape. This may include addressing issues related to topography, soil conditions, and landscaping for environmental sustainability.

Regulatory Requirements

Adhering to government regulations and requirements is crucial for the legal and regulatory compliance of a development. It involves understanding and incorporating local laws and regulations into the planning process. Arkitek MAA provides advisory services regarding state planing authority and land authority's requirements for every development proposal.

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