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Arkitek MAA Building Information Modelling - AutoDesk Revit

Arkitek MAA Building Information Modelling (BIM) Utilisation

Arkitek MAA utilises Architecture Building Information Modelling (BIM) in creating building information models from sketches and 2D drawings. BIM is also used in our design analysis and clash detection. We uses BIM in working with our clients through the design process from schematic  design to contract documentation with conceptual and complete BIM model based on project requirements.


In Arkitek MAA’s BIM implementation, we focus on:


Technology Infrastructure

We invest in adequate hardware, software, and network infrastructure to support our BIM workflows effectively. This includes investing in powerful computers, compatible BIM software, and a reliable network infrastructure.


Training and Skill Development

We have high-level certified BIM modeller and BIM manager in our office, who conduct in-house BIM training for our architects and staff to become proficient in using BIM tools effectively. We develop internal standards and adopt international protocols for consistent BIM implementation across projects.


Enhanced Visualisation

We use basic 3D tools (Sketch-up) and AutoDesk Revit BIM modelling capabilities to enhance visualisation of our designs for presentation to clients. This helps in better understanding spatial relationships, identifying design issues early on, and making informed decisions during the design process.


Improved Design Efficiency

We have improved resources utilisation through adoption of BIM technology. BIM offers features that streamline design processes and allows for quick design iterations, and changes made in one part of the model are automatically updated throughout the project. This saves time and increases design efficiency.


Collaborative Design

BIM tool allows multiple disciplines to work on a shared digital model, facilitating coordination and reducing conflicts or errors. We improve collaboration and communication among project team, including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients using collaborative BIM.


Clash Analysis and Coordination

We use BIM in clash detection by running clash analysis that identify potential conflicts between various building elements (e.g., structural clashes, clashes in MEP systems). It helps prevent costly construction issues and reduces rework during the construction phase.


With BIM technology we are able to enhance efficiency, improve coordination, reduce errors, and provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to design and construction projects.

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