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In collaboration with BroadwayMaylan

This project is located on Lot 20004, at the junction of Jalan Cochrane, Jalan Shelley and the Cochrane MRT Station - a 5 - minute walk to Bukit Bintang and Jalan Tun Razak.  The project sits on an 18.04 acre site with a development combination of 4 storey Shopping Mall and 4 storey Elevated Carpark.  The concept of "MyTown" potrays simplicity, convenience, professional operation and uniqueness.  The definition of "My" means ownership, taking possession and having personal and special feelings for something.  The definition of "Town" as an urban area, a place of good connectivity with parks and a town square for living, working and playing within a close knitted community.


Client : Boustead Ikano Sdn Bhd
Contract year : 2012
Value : -
Area : 153,000 sq.m.
Acreage : 18.04 acres