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Labuan International Financial Park

The Labuan International Financial Park  comprises a two-storey podium with two 15-storey tower blocks of condominium and three office tower blocks, one of 16 storeys and other 13 storeys.

The condominium blocks are designed with a mix of apartments of various sizes with panoramic views of the South China Sea.   The condominium facades are designed to have a fairly solid appearance and are clad mainly in granite.

The planning of the office towers also acknowledges the presence of the sea.  The towers are arranged in a symmetrical manner with variations in heights while their facades are clad with aluminium composite panels and coloured reflective glass. 


Client : Financial Park Labuan  Sdn Bhd
Completion  Year : 1997
Value : RM 470  million
Area : 232,000  sq.m
Acreage : 111 acres