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National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery is envisaged as a sculptural and monumental landmark.  The sculpted block hovering in the air and the sharp edges silhouetted against the sky will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression to patrons of the gallery.

The basic building form is derived from the vernacular roof design to reflect the Malaysian national identity.  It is further stylized into a truncated block which is stretched along Jalan Temerloh.  An “A’-shaped roof straddles the block in order to break the monotony of a monolithic mass and introduces a light-filled atrium space internally.

Gallery spaces flanking the circular ramp serve as exhibition areas for a more intimate and contemplative viewing.  The rooms are partitioned to accommodate diverse needs of the collection.

Client : Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia
Completion Year  :  1998
Value  :  RM 30 million
Area  :  15,000 sq.m
Acreage  :  5.7 acres