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Swiss Inn Waterfront, Sandakan

This boutique hotel is located at the waterfront promenade of the Sandakan Harbour Square development.  The building was originally planned as a 10-unit shopoffice block, but was subsequently adapted into a 138-room boutique hotel to capitalize on its waterfront location.

The architectural design is modern and straightforward, with full-height picture windows  for all hotel rooms interspersed with louvered mechanical service areas to create an interesting facade rhythm.  The ground floor of the building is kept as open as possible, to serve as the entrance lobbies and F&B areas and to allow easy access from the pedestrian mall to the waterfront promenade.


Client : Sara-Timur Properties  Sdn Bhd
Completion Year : 2008
Value : RM 8  million
Area : 5,797 sq.m
Acreage : 0.3 acres