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Pusrawi Hospital

Hospital Pusrawi is designed to be one of the most comprehensive Islamic hospitals with complete secondary referral service facilities. The hospital’s requirements for flexibility is reflected in the design for expandability which could accommodate from 150 beds to 352 beds.  An additional space for  a nursing college has also been reserved at the top most floor for future expansion.

Apart from the obvious Islamic arches, and geometric patterns on the walls. The Islamic concept in determining the space planning for the practice of Islamic hospital is also adopted right from the beginning.  

As an additional convenience for guests accompanying the hospital’s patients, a 103-room hotel block linking directly to the hospital’s lobby was built adjacent to the hospital.


Client : Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP)
Completion Year : 2003
Value : RM 104  million
Area : 54,000 sq.m
Acreage : 2.2 acres