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Hospital Tuanku Mizan (Military Hospital)

This 282 bed Hospital Complex with full staff accommodation / facilities is located at Segenting Klang Camp which occupies about 40 acres out of the total 70 acre site  and  is easily accessible from north-eastern region of Kuala Lumpur.

The hospital is planned and designed to provide medical services to the military personnel, their dependants and the ex-serviceman in the Central Region of West Malaysia and  is designated as the Central Military Hospital.  It serves as the referral centre to the other military hospitals and medical centres.

The Hospital is the centre of excellence of selected medical specialities that are peculiar to the Armed Forces i..e Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Medicine and the Hyperbaric Decompression Unit.



Client Perbadanan Perwira Harta Malaysia (Design and Built Contractor)
(Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia (End User)
Completion Year : 2010
Value : RM 270 million
Area : 91,700 sq.m
Acreage : 40 acres