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Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia @ Educity in Iskandar Malaysia

The Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) campus development accommodates a complete 1,000 student medical faculty building equipped with the latest technology. It is the first building completed at EDUCITY in Iskandar Malaysia.  The architectural design is based on  the concept of ‘loose grouping with strong linear linkages.

The building facades portrays clean ‘clinical’ look with aluminium composite material.  Buildings are interconnected via glass and composite panel covered walkway.  The inviting arches and embellishments incorporated at the Administration Building emulate the signatory  Arches at the Newcastle University in the UK to mark its presence in the Malaysian campus.

A green canopy landscape concept is incorporated in the development  to blend the buildings with its natural environment.

Client  :  Iskandar Investment Berhad
Year of Completion  :  2011
Value  :  RM 68 million
Area  :  16,500 sq.m
Acreage  :  13 acres