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Multimedia University

Multimedia University (MMU) @ Educity, Faculty of Creative Multimedia campus was designed to accommodate 500 students. The building form was created from basic geometrical forms with creative application of non linear path across the basic forms that creates convergance of modern  contemporary architecture. The facade of the building has the resemblance of Art-deco symbolising their cinematic program relation with the cinema buildings in the past. 

The faculty building consists of lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, film preview theatre, post production facilities, a cinema, sound stage and  multi-camera studios with acoustic and lighting performance requirement to provide state of the art facilities for cinematic study.

Client  :  Iskandar Investment Berhad
Year  :  2014
Value  :  RM 13.5 million
Area  :  4,500 sq.m
Acreage  :  1.1 acres