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Lai Meng Primary School, Bukit Jalil

Lai Meng Primary School sits on a 5.50 acres lands  in Bukit Jalil with easy access to KESAS and Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil. This 4 storey symmetrical building was  designed to create a smooth flow  for students, staff  and easy way-finding for all pedestrian and  vehicular users.  The school buildings are served by a ring road dedicated mainly for services and emergency access, as well as for the independent movement of school buses without interfering with school’s activities nor jeopardizing the school security at all times. 

Client  :  Lai Meng Girls' School Association
Year of Completion  :  2014
Value  :  RM 25 million
Area  :  21,420 sq.m
Acreage  :  5.50 acres